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America's Top Retailer for Ford Tools and Parts! Give Us A Call at 800-294-1605

WinAlign? 15 Software Upgrade

WinAlign? 15 Software Upgrade


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Windows 10 and WinAlign 15.1. - Includes keys, the latest spec database and Installation/Training by Hunter Service Rep. Requires HW1B PC. A standard WinAlign Aligner key must be present for the upgrade.



    •  TPMSpecs®

    • Pulls together over 100 TPMS procedures into a simple, yet comprehensive, user-friendly format for the technician.

    • ExpressAlign® Performs every alignment with a streamlined procedure.

    • ExpressAlign® analyzes each job and presents the optimal action sequence with the minimum steps required.

    • WinToe® Is a timesaver on nearly every alignment. Ensure a straight steering wheel every time without repeated adjustments or using a steering wheel holder. Tools and Kits Database saves trips back and forth to the tool box. Hunter presents all of the tools and aftermarket correction kits needed for each alignment.

    • Virtual View® Displays your alignment job in 3-D using real-time 3-D models. Used by experts and novices alike.

    • Control Arm Movement Monitor® Cuts adjustment times in half for front-shim, dual-cam or dual-slot vehicles. Step-by-step graphics let you get it right on the first try.

    • Shim-Select® II Eliminates confusing shim charts and tables. Shim Select II quickly calculates and displays the template you need for proper shim installation. 

    • Wheel-Off Adjustment speeds the alignment process by making adjustments with the wheel removed (optional accessories required).

    • Automatic Bushing Calculator® Calculates the proper bushing size and position adjustment without wasting time with a zero bushing. 

    • Suspension Body Dimension Audit quickly screens vehicles to determine alignability and collision repair needs. 

    • Symmetry Angle Measurements instantly accesses symmetry angles and setback for your body shop customers.

    • WinAlign® Printouts help sell work. Explain needed parts and repairs and show completed work to customers using detailed, color-coded printouts. The latest specs available online. Download, access and communicate alignment service information through the Internet.

  • HunterNet™ Enhances your point-of-sale performance. Provide front-shop personnel with quick, convenient access to vehicle-specific undercar information to explain and sell service. Easy-to-understand videos, animations and images. Make more informed pricing estimates. Simplify training of service writers.