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America's Top Retailer for Ford Tools and Parts! Give Us A Call at 800-294-1605

Wet Mix Immersion Separator HEPA Vacuum

Wet Mix Immersion Separator HEPA Vacuum


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Aluminum and carbon fiber dust must be contained to prevent accelerated corrosion when in contact with steel. Containment prevents possible fire hazards and ensures employee health and safety. OEM certification programs require HEPA dust extraction of aluminum, carbon fiber and other advanced materials to prevent these particles from circulating around the shop. The Wet Mix Immersion Vacuum is designed specifically for the capture of combustible, corrosive and toxic dust such as aluminum, carbon fiber, titanium and hexavalent chromium coatings. The vacuums are built to military and commercial aircraft service specifications. All major components are stainless steel. The wet mix vacuum draws air and collected particulate into the immersion tank and forces it through a rolling water bath, thoroughly wetting dust out of the air stream. Three stages of filtration ensure the air exhausted from the system is dust and moisture free. Simple to drain, clean and easy to dissemble even if shop rags are mistakenly pulled up into the vacuum.



    • Powerful and super quiet Whisper-Jet vacuum motor runs at 67dB, 50% quieter than comparable vacuums.

    • Hydrophobic HEPA filtration

    • HEPA filter captures 99.97% of particles at 0.3 micron

    • Unique auto-start/stop feature activates directly from the sander

    • Single or dual user capability

    • Extra-large water filtration view port

    • integrated hydrogen vent

    • Standard water hose connection for tank filling

    • Self-closing vacuum port

    • Stainless steel coalescing filter

    • Stainless steel impingement filter

    • Multi-nozzle internal wash down system

    • Sediment disposal filter bag with drain water filtration

  • NFPA Code 484 (standard for combustible metals) compliant