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America's Top Retailer for Ford Tools and Parts! Give Us A Call at 800-294-1605

Universal Structural Holding And Anchoring Package (includes setup & training)

Universal Structural Holding And Anchoring Package (includes setup & training)


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Universal Structural Holding Package that provides additional upper body and frame holding points to perform repairs on modern vehicles. The purpose of this fixture is to prevent additional damage to undamaged areas of the vehicle during a structural repair by anchoring more critical points and holding them steady during a structural repair. These components become necessary to hold the part that is being replaced in the correct location for welding and/or rivet-bonding to be performed, resulting in a more accurate and faster repair.

Package provides the necessary holding on newer uni-body and full-frame vehicles manufactured with greater amounts of High Strength and Ultra High strength steels and Aluminum structures. This package also allows a technician to apply additional holds, spreading out the amount of pressure at each hold location, which will reduce the chances of additional damage being placed into the vehicle during structural repairs.

This package will fit any Chief frame rack and select other brands with the rectangular holes that are on top of the deck. This concept allows a shop that has existing frame equipment to be equipped with the latest technology in vehicle holding that will improve the repair of modern vehicles. Unlike European fixture repair systems, this system has the advantage of faster set-up by allowing a shop to utilize their existing Chief Electronic Measuring System. As a result, cycle-times are improved and before and after documentation can be provided to the end user.

This system is conveniently mounted on a tool board with each component outlined, making it simple to identify where the part goes supporting your lean shop concept. All of this is mounted to an easy to roll cart designed for the technicians' convenience.

Improved shop productivity was our main focus during the design of this holding package. We took proven concepts your technicians use every day and have developed an innovative way of repairing modern vehicles.

While this package's biggest strength is that it will remain universal, it is possible that a vehicle will come along that will require a specific holding fixture. If this were to happen, the back side of this cart has room to accept one more vehicle/OEM specific tool board or fixture set.


  • Universal Design allows for repairs to all vehicle types
  • Ergonomic roll-around storage cart
  • Cart has extra space to allow for specialty anchoring for specific vehicles to be added as needed. (Can Accept 128-300002 F150 Enhanced Holding System Board)
  • Complete with both parts and vehicle holding accessories, this package will give the technician additional critical holding points on the vehicle to make an effective repair
  • Compatible with existing Chief frame racks and select other brands with rectangular holes on top of the deck