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America's Top Retailer for Ford Tools and Parts! Give Us A Call at 800-294-1605

TCX51E Tire Changer (Electric Motor)

TCX51E Tire Changer (Electric Motor)


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TCX51E Standard Table Top Tire Changer (Electric Motor)

Overview of the TCX 50/51/53 Tire Changer Series:

    • These models are essentially the same machine with different options.  Current machines can have most of these options added anytime to upgrade.

    • All models offer less power, options, and ease of use compared to the high-end TCX56/TCX57 Models.

    • All models offer either Air or Electrical Powered variations (Ex: TCX50A – Air, TCX50E- Electric).

    • All models either include or can be added the Wheel Lift Accessory. (Ex: TCX53EW-includes wheel lift).

    • Leverless Mount Heads are included on certain versions (Indicated by an “L” in the part number) but cannot be added as an accessory.


TCX50 Models 

    • Basic Model that requires manual bead pressing.

    • Available as Add-On: Single Bead Press Arm, Bead Press System, Wheel Lift Accessory, Storage Shelf.

TCX51 Models

    • Includes: Single Bead Press Arm Accessory.

    • Leverless Mount Head version (006-TCX51EL)

    • Available as Add-On: Bead Press System, Wheel Lift Accessory, Storage Shelf.

TCX53 Models

    • Includes the Bead Press System Accessory.

    • Leverless Mount Versions (006-TCX53EL & 006-TCX53ELW)

    • Available as Add-On: Wheel Lift Accessory, Storage Shelf 

Accessory Descriptions:

    • Single Bead Press Arm (006-20-2833) – Aids mounting, demounting, and clamping tires. 

    • Bead Press System (006-20-2834-1) – Aids mounting, demounting, and clamping.  Includes tremendous power and user control.

    • Wheel Lift Accessory (006-20-2045-1) – Prevents Technician strain by easily lifting wheels onto the machine.

    • Storage Shelf (006-20-2885-1) – Additional storage that attached directly to tire machine.



    • Conventional Configuration

    • Single Bead Press Arm (006-20-2833-1) 

Class-Leading Rigidity

    • Rigid chassis reduces damage risk and operator effort

PowerOut™ Bead Loosener

    • Most powerful bead breaker in its class

    • Fingertip control eases service of large assemblies

    • Three-way adjustable for best rim fit

    • Shovel protectors standard

  Easy-to-Use Adjustable Tabletop

    • Built-in adjustment system provides 10- to 26-in. clamping range

    • All jaws adjust simultaneously for mistake-free clamping

    • Polished tabletop for easy cleanup

    • Hi-grip jaw covers add mounting torque and protect wheels

    • Diameter marks aid external clamping

More Torque, More Speed

    • Unique 110V or 220V* motor generates more torque than popular air or electric models

    • 110V or 220V configured at installation

    • Faster than popular alternatives - increases productivity

    • Electric tabletop doesn't slow down under load like air motors

Clamping Range

  • 10-26” Rim Clamping range