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America's Top Retailer for Ford Tools and Parts! Give Us A Call at 800-294-1605

Inverter Double Pulse Mig Welder (includes setup & training)

Inverter Double Pulse Mig Welder (includes setup & training)


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CEBORA's inverter synergic double pulse mig welder.
For aluminum has built in welding programs for easy set-up. Choose the material to weld from the menu, input the program number in the digital control panel and the machine will set all the welding parameters. The menu also indicates the wire and
gas to use with that program. Download updates to keep this welder current to the newest programs. The 301 has a fully adjustable digital panel for such
adjustments as continuous spot, stitch, hot start, burn back, pre-flow and post flow. The display screen is an easy to read LCD. Synergic programs and pulse programs are standard using .6, .5, .9 1.0, 1.2 steel and aluminum. Uses .8, .9 stainless and silicon bronze as well as the special 1.2 aluminum 5444. Comes with the Push Pull gun Art: 2003 which is especially suited for aluminum welding. This replaces bulky spool guns and eliminates aluminum wire feed problems that is inherit with a standard mig gun. The Push Pull has a built in wire feed motor in the handgrip. The operator can control current up or down from the handle. This gun will feed all solid core wire with diameter 0.6, 0.8, 1.2. Torch length is 13 feet.



Cebora 301 Inverter Synergic Double Pulse Mig

    • Pre-set welding programs

    • Download program updates

    • 220 volt singe phase @ 40 amps 50/60 Hz

    • Output power 15-200 amps

    • 35% duty cycle at 200 amps

    • 60% duty cycle at 60 amps

    • Portable weighs 47 lbs.

    • Compact approximate dimensions 10"W x 23"L x 19" H

Wire diameters:

    • STEEL= 6, .8, 1.0

    • ALUMINUM= .6, .8 1.0, 1.2

    • STAINLESS STEEL= .6, .8 1.0

    • SILICON BRONZE= .8, 1.0

    • Maximum spool size 33 lbs.

2003 Push Pull Torch

    • Designed specifically for aluminum welding

    • Eliminates the bulk of a spool gun or wire feed hung ups with standard torches

    • Wire feed hang-ups virtually nonexistent

    • Change current from handgrip

  • Torch length 13 ft.