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America's Top Retailer for Ford Tools and Parts! Give Us A Call at 800-294-1605

Garmat 3000 Downdraft Paint Spray Booth - Custom Built

by Garmat

Garmat 3000 Downdraft Paint Spray Booth - Custom Built


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Every Garmat® 3000 Downdraft Paint Spray Booth is custom built to fit within the requirements of your facility. Contact your Rotunda representative for additional information and to setup an onsite evaluation and free quotation. Garmat® USA 3000 Series are full downdraft, double wall insulated paint booths. The 3000 cabins are ETL listed, as are the Garmat mechanicals and electrical control panels. The 3000 cabins are standard 27' length, with 10' wide tri-fold vehicle entry doors, 4 tube interior accessible light fixtures, three-row center pit and if drive-in/back-out configuration, a side service door is included. Additional options include, above ground basement, booth extension, drive-thru doors and rear wall light package.


    • CABIN ASSEMBLY: Lengths: Standard 27', Optional 24' or 30'. The cabin is constructed of durable powder coated, fully insulated solid interlocking wall panels. The panels are designed to prevent heat loss into the surrounding shop and for greater efficiency during the bake cycle. Both the wall and roof panels are insulated for high temperature curing and quieter operation.

    • DOORS: Entrance: Rubber sealed doors with heavy duty hinges. If booth is a drive-in/back-out configuration, there is a service door supplied to conform with national requirements. Side Service: Equipped with a tempered safety glass observation window.

    • LIGHTING ASSEMBLY: 92 energy efficient color corrected fluorescent tubes, 23 horizontal light fixtures, with four bulbs per fixture. The T8 light fixtures contain an electronic ballast that complies to the 2005 energy efficiency requirements and are fitted with tempered glass. Interior accessible fixtures are standard on the 3000 Series.

    • BOOTH FILTRATION SYSTEM: Pre-Filtration: Long lasting washable pre-filters reduce contamination of ceiling filters. Ceiling Filters: Filters are rated at 99% efficiency on 10 micron particulate and are held in position by steel knife edge closures. Extract Filters: Standard fiberglass paint arrestor filters are utilized for maximum particulate removal.

    • GRATES: Fully galvanized grates and support structure.

    • ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: All Garmat® USA products are provided with a listed industrial electrical control panel. All components are recognized, listed or certified by UL, ETL, or CSA. All booths are standard with a prewired control package for reduced field installation time and costs.

    • FIRE SUPPRESSION: Booth is designed for addition of fire suppression equipment (supplied by others). Prewired for automatic shut down if required.

    • MECHANICAL UNIT: 12,000-18,000 CFM, variable sheave belt drive, 10HP (15 HP optional) intake and exhaust motors, reverse incline centrifugal fans. 840,000, 1 Million or 1.5 Million BTU direct fired burner, 80-90 percent recycle during bake, 25:1 turn-down ratio for heat control.

    • SPRAY CYCLE: 100 percent outside air is drawn through pre-filters, heated to recommended temperature, passed through ceiling filters into the cabin, and extracted through floor filters.

    • BAKE CYCLE: Fully automatic, including purge and cool-down cycle. 10-20 percent fresh air is introduced into cabin and exhausted through fiberglass filters to the outside during the bake cycle. Cabin lights turn off automatically during the bake cycle. Quik-Cure™ Multi-Set Point temperature controller is an available option.

  • CONTROL PANEL: Digital temperature controller, safety interlocks - indicator lights, hour meter, bake timer, cycle selector, state of the art programmable logic controller offers precise control and diagnostic capabilities of the operating systems, and photohelic gauge, providing automatic pressure control, are all standard features on this model series. A 50' quick connect remote cable is supplied with this unit.