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ACF-3100 - A/C Component Flush & Purge System

ACF-3100 - A/C Component Flush & Purge System


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(Replaces the ATI ACF-3000 Flushing System) Mahle ACF-3100 A/C System Flusher

The ACF-3100 cleans individual A/C system components by removing dirt and debris that can damage A/C systems. An A/C flush is critical process that can prevent repeat repairs to an A/C system after a catastrophic failure. The ACF-3100 utilizes a closed loop process to circulate flushing fluid through components to filter out contamination. Simple to operate, it uses shop air and can be operated unattended during the flush cycle. The ACF-3100 is designed to connect to the inlet and outlet ports of an A/C system component. Note: The Mahle universal A/C fitting adapter kit is not approved by engineering and is not included with the Rotunda ACF-3100. To ensure being able to service F/L/M vehicles adapter kits (219-0082), (219-00083) and (219-00084) must be purchased separately. See below for more info.

Filter Kit (357-305-800-40-00) should be purchased with this machine. Kit Includes: (4) Charcoal Vapor Filters, (4) Coalescing Vapor Filters and (1) Coalescing Air Filter. Filter Replacement intervals are as follows:

    • Charcoal Vapor Filers must be replaced every 25 flushes

    • Coalescing Vapor Filters must be replaced every 25 flushes

    • Coalescing Air Filters must be replaces every 25 flushes


Items that need to be replaced after every vehicle flush include: (Both must be obtained through a Ford/Lincoln parts department)

    • Spin On Filters (FL1A)

    • A/C Flushing Solvent (YN23)


Flushing Adapters (Not Included) Overview of all 3 A/C Flush Adapter Kits:

NOTE: All 3 adapter kits should be obtained to allow proper servicing of every Ford/Lincoln/Mercury vehicle dating back over two decades.

    • Kit 1 (219-00082): Vehicles 80s-00s & Spring Lock Adapters for Modern vehicles

    • Kit 2 (219-00083): Specific vehicles: 2012 Fusion/Milan/MKZ, 2006-11Explorer/Mountaineer, 2014 Edge/MKX

    • Kit 3 (219-00084): Covers all Ford/Lincoln/Mercury vehicles after "Kit 2" to present day

    • Improved exhaust "Power Scrubbing"

    • Significantly removes the typical odor found in many machines during the air purging process

    • Heavily saturated exhaust from the A/C system is centrifugally spun then captured in a replaceable filter and serviceable storage cylinder. After the initial reduction, the remaining vapor is filtered through a heavily pleated 3 layer charcoal final filter that performs the final scrubbing

    • New tank drain allows for easy draining if required

    • Relocated charcoal filter decreases the machines overall footprint in your shop and simplifies the design

  • A drain hose is mounted at the rear of the machine in a secure bracket for easy storage