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A/C Flushing Adapter Kit 3 of 3

A/C Flushing Adapter Kit 3 of 3


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Kit 3 contains A/C system Flushing Adapters needed to perform an A/C flush and Vacuum Decay Test on components for all Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles from kit 2 to present.


This kit is a "First Edition".  This kit must be purchased to obtain these adapters.  Previous version do not exist.




The Ford Rotunda 219-00084 flush machine adapter kit is the go-to universal kit. With 170 fittings that can be used individually, in pairs or in combinations this kit will serve every requirement. The 170-piece set solves the problem of numerous selection adapter fittings applicable to Ford models globally as well as components of several OEM suppliers. The kit also includes fittings for the new 1234yf refrigerant.

Housed in a sturdy aluminum case with laser cut high-density foam, each piece is etched or printed with their unique piece numbers to keep everything in its proper place.  Designed to work specifically with the "Warranty Approved" Mahle ACF-3100 A/C Flushing System (PN: 357-405 80004 00).

Overview of all 3 Kits:

: All 3 adapter kits should be obtained to allowproper servicing of every Ford/Lincoln/Mercury vehicle dating back over two decades.

    • Kit1 (219-00082):  Vehicles 80s-00s& Spring Lock Adapters for Modern vehicles 

    • Kit2 (219-00083):  Specific vehicles: 2012 Fusion/Milan/MKZ, 2006-11Explorer/Mountaineer,2014 Edge/MKX

    • Kit 3 (219-00084):  Covers all Ford/Lincoln/Mercury vehiclesafter "Kit 2" to present day.



    • Kit 3 of 3

    • 170 fittings individual fittings - can be used in pairs, individually or in combinations

    • Includes Vacuum Decay Test Fittings

    • Designed & tested for extreme pressure & temperature range

    • Usable on components from multiple OEM suppliers (Euroclim, Manuli, Dytech, Denso etc.)

    • Fittings applicable to all Ford models globally

    • Fittings for 1234yf refrigerant included

    • Quick fitting & removal adapter design

  • Carrying case with laser cut high-density foam to keep pieces organized